Be pampered and preened by hair and makeup professionals and experience feeling confident, beautiful and glamorous, just like the women you see in magazines.


The best part is that you can experience this fun day with your girlfriends, sisters, mother, children or your partner making it an amazing shared experience.

It can be too easy to put yourself last, especially when you have children, a full-time job or other responsibilities.

And sometimes we can lose a bit of our identity when we are so focused on our children or our careers or just because we are getting older.

I am here to remind you that it is okay to feel beautiful and take time out for yourself.  You are more than just a wife, mother, grandmother or career woman.

You are uniquely you and you deserve to be celebrated, to see yourself and reconnect with the old you.


There are many reasons to have a glamorous portrait experience, maybe you are turning 30, 40 or 50 and you want to celebrate it.

Maybe you need to get back to the old you and be reminded that you are still beautiful, strong and powerful.

Maybe you have a dream of being photographed in your city of dreams (Paris/Rome/NY)or in a beautiful gown in front of a castle.

You can probably reel off a list of excuses as to why you shouldn’t do this: you need to lose weight, your too old,not me just the kids.

But it is exactly these reasons why you need to take a day out just for you, because you deserve it.

No matter how self-conscious you feel about being in front of the camera I know that I can help you relax and bring out your inner-confidence.



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Ashley was really helpful even before the day of the shoot. She gave advice on clothing and styling and understood what sort of photographs I wanted to achieve. On the day she was professional throughout and helped me to overcome my nerves! Ashley was great to work with and I am really pleased with the results. I highly recommend her as a portrait photographer.
— Helen Baker
Such natural photos, Ashley made my daughter so relaxed and comfortable,it made the experience so fun and easy. Would love some more family photographs next year too.
— Anna Maria Ward- Facebook Review

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