What is a professional makeover & what does it look & feel like?


A professional makeover is where you get to have your Hair & Makeup done by a qualified Makeup Artist & Hair stylist– sometimes a Stylist is qualified to do both or just one! 

It means when you come into my studio you get to have your hair & make up done by a professional stylist who can highlight your best features & choose colours that will suit your skin tone.  My stylist will ask you how you normally wear your make up & based on what you say will complete your look. It is important that you feel and look like you but your best you!

I am firmly of the belief that how you look on the outside effects how you feel on the inside. As a professional photographer, it might seem that my job is only focused on the aesthetics, but for me, the main reason I do what I do is for the changes that happen within my clients when they look at themselves in the mirror after a makeover so they can step forward confidently in front of the camera and feel the amazing power of transformation.

You will walk out of the door feeling more confident and powerful and positive experience, and it’s something every woman should experience.