Do I Really Need Professional Photographs?

  • Did you know that is only takes 36 milliseconds for the brain to form a 1st impression of someone? 300 milliseconds is the equivalent of an eye blink so you can see just how fast that is.

  • Did you know that a LinkedIn profile has 7 times more chance of being viewed if it has a profile picture?

carlaheadshot copy.jpg

What does your current business headshot or profile picture say about you? Are you giving the best first impression and does it represent you brand?

So many small businesses avoid this question because they usually hate the way they look on camera and think that they cannot get an image that would effectively reflect them and their brand.

Do you ever wonder how many potential customers and or employers have scrolled past your image because they have judged your online look?

If you want to create a good first impression it is important to show people that you care about how you appear and that you take your brand and business/career seriously. The best way to do this is to ensure you have professional images on your LinkedIn and other social media profiles.



If you need Business Portraits that match your personality, your energy and your ambition then get in touch to find out more about my Portrait Atelier Pro session which includes:

  • a pre-photoshoot dress code coaching and style guide;

  • a 1 hour fully guided photoshoot in my cozy home studio in the City of Bath.

  • pre selection of 20 portraits from the session.

  • 4 digitals professionally retouched and available in different social media sizes.


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